380V 250A bidirectional three-phase wifi energy meter WEM3080T with app


380V 250A bidirectional three-phase wifi energy meter WEM3080T with app

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The perfect 2-way 380V 3 Phase Electricity Consumption and Generation kWh Meter (Enterprise Grade) with Analysis System. The one here is 250A, but it is also available with 150A and 500A capacity (see

Primarily designed for a unit producing solar or wind energy, but is also suitable for the needs of any other household or institution (those offered here can be used for additional internal needs – eg subtenant, heating system, warehouse, lighting outside, etc.).

The wifi three-phase energy meter can also be used to measure a single phase (220V). For metering systems over 500A, it is recommended to divide the system into parts up to 500A and install multiple meters accordingly.

The electricity meter comes with a lifetime right to use the cloud service and apps (Android, IOS, PC) for free from the manufacturer. 2.4 GHz Wi-Fi must be available for the device.

Real-time information and production/consumption history can be viewed from a device installed in Druskininkai, Lithuania HERE.

The Iammeter app can be downloaded from Google Play or the Apple Store.
You can try the PC demo online HERE.

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380V 250A bidirectional three-phase wifi energy meter WEM3080T with app

  • Brand Name: DeviceBit
  • Source: CN(Origin)
  • Craft supplies: ELECTRICAL
  • Measurable energy range: 0-250A
  • Screen type: Cloud&APP
  • Model number: WEM3080T
  • Phase: three phases
  • Certification: EC
  • Rated voltage: 220V
  • Power supply: AC
  • Dimensions: 90.2*71*57.5mm (2 DIN pole)
  • Work temperature: -20℃ – 60℃
  • Accuracy class: Class 1
  • Max working current: 150A and Above
  • Communication: Wifi
  • CT Diameter: 24.5mm

standard package

1. Two-way WiFi energy meter;
2. Φ24.5mm, 250A split core current transformer;
3. Wi-Fi antenna


Applicable in different fields

● Solar PV system monitoring
● Electricity usage monitor/energy monitoring system
● Home automation

1.Solar PV system

● Energy exported/imported vs Solar inverter production
● Electricity bill and solar PV system income statistics

Note: You need two single-phase meters (WEM3080) or one three-phase meter (WEM3080T) to monitor the entire power flow of a single-phase solar PV system.

SOLAR PV System Overview

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Billing and income report
This report shows both the total consumption of the network and the electricity bill, the total energy exported and income, and the Balance, on a daily/monthly/yearly basis.

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TOTAL savings report
This report shows the direct self-use rate and Total savings (money saved by consuming direct self-use power instead of Grid power + income from power exported to the grid) of your solar PV system.

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2. Electricity usage monitor/energy monitoring system

● Real-time monitoring of electricity usage
● Hourly/Daily/Monthly electricity bill calculation

Overview of the three-phase electrical system

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List of energy consumption and bill

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Billing and energy usage report
This report shows the statistics of network consumption (kWh) and electricity bill in different time periods (Peak to Off-peak) on daily/monthly/yearly basis.

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Energy consumption and bill forecast
Our system can offer you monthly energy consumption and electricity bill forecast by learning from your historical energy consumption and the billing method you set.

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Advanced Energy Consumption Analysis Report

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3. Home automation

Our Wi-Fi energy meter provides open API interface for seamless data integration with third-party home automation system, such as HomeAssistant, openHAB, etc. We will also combine meters with other platforms soon.

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main features

1. Bi-directional meter to track bi-directional energy ("from grid" and "to grid")
2. DIN rail mount fits snugly into the meter case.
3. Open API allows seamless integration with a third party server (HomeAssistant, PVoutput, your own server…).
4. Web-based service and cloud-based Android/IOS app available on Google Play and Apple Store

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5. The three-phase meter can be installed in the single-phase system (such as 3 x single-phase meters), in the three-phase system or in the split-phase system.

Mobile app

SOLAR PV system

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residential electrical system

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App Download

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quality certificates

3. RCM

380V 250A bidirecctional medidor
380V 250A bidirecctional medidor
380V 250A bidirecctional medidor
380V 250A bidirecctional medidor
380V 250A bidirecctional medidor
380V 250A bidirecctional medidor


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