Tomzn DTS238-7TY three-phase wifi tuya electric power meter

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Tomzn DTS238-7TY three-phase wifi tuya electric power meter

Perfect 220V single phase power consumption (or production) kWh meter, it also has overvoltage and undervoltage protection (overvoltage can occur if lightning strikes a power line somewhere).

It also has an overload protection function.

Records history by hours, days and months and cumulatively. It also measures voltage V, current A, power W in both consumption and production directions, frequency Hz, current factor COSo.

The Smart Life app (Volcano Technology Ltd) is used for remote reading and control via smartphone.

To connect to the app, your device must have 2.4GHz Wi-Fi available. Through the app, you can monitor kWh, V, A, W, use the timer function, etc.

The entire electrical network passing through the device can be turned on or off with a button on the device or by remote control via the app.

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Tomzn DTS238-7TY three-phase wifi tuya electric power meter

  • Brand Name: TOMZN
  • Certification: EC
  • Source: CN(Origin)
  • Craft supplies: ELECTRICAL
  • Measurable energy range: 999999.9
  • Rated voltage: 380 V
  • Power supply: AC
  • Screen type: Digital only
  • Output voltage: 3*120 3*220V 3*230V 3*240V 50-60Hz
  • Dimensions: 126*98*52mm
  • Model number: DTS238-7 TY
  • Phase: three phases
  • Work temperature: -25-70 degree Celsius
  • Accuracy class: Class 1
  • Max working current: 50A-79A
  • Rated voltage: 3*120 3*220V 3*230V 3*240V 50-60Hz


Remote on/off control via the Tuya application or the Smart Life application at any time and from any place.

2. Measurement of active energy Total kWh

3. The application can read kWh, R.M.S. Current, voltage, active power (The active current voltage is for one phase only.If the equilibrium is all the same for 3 phases)

4. Timer control function

5. Time-delay disconnect function

6. LCD display, real time display of voltage, current, active power, reactive power, power factory, frequency, total energy kWh.

7) Power Supply: 3*120 3*220V 3*230V 3*240V 50-60Hz

8. Rated current:60A

10. Pulse frequency: 400imp/kWh

1135mmDin rail install

12 You can use the same TUYA application  Compatible with other TUYA products such as WIFI plug, led, fans, etc.

13 Precise active energy is  Class 1 IEC62053-21

Press the button to last more than 10s, the WIFI led will blink quickly, then use the application to operate.

Note: This meter only supports2,4GWireless network, not for5G







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Medidor trifasico wifi tuya
Medidor trifasico wifi tuya
Medidor trifasico wifi tuya




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