Delivery costs and time

When selecting a product on the "e-Shop" page, you can use an "Expected Delivery" filter based on delivery dates. Delivery times are shown for shipments to the Iberian Peninsula.

Expected delivery

The delivery methods for each product and the delivery prices are displayed when the product is added to the shopping cart, moved to the "Checkout" page and the address (country) is entered. If several different delivery methods are possible, the buyer can choose the one that suits him best by clicking on the delivery method displayed by default (after which alternative delivery methods are displayed).

Delivery Possibilities

The shop notifies a buyer by email upon receiving the order and after delivering the order to a carrier. The carrier informs the buyer (usually by SMS) about details of receiving the package from the parcel machine or at home.

Save products of interest ("Wishlist")

To save the product of interest in the Store's memory ("Wishlist" or "Wish List"), the buyer must scroll to the product, after which a heart-shaped icon will appear in the middle of it. Clicking on the icon moves the product to the buyer's wish list.

wish list icon

Having added all the products of interest to the wish list, the buyer can open his entire wish list by clicking on “Wish List” in the header.


A link to the wish list's web address has been displayed at the left bottom on the wish list. The link can be copied and sent to friends or to social networks...

Other questions or problems

Other questions and problems that appear might be sent to

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