Grounding block for electrical wiring 6-12 holes 2 pcs.

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Grounding block for electrical wiring 6-12 holes 2 pcs.

Can: yes. Should: no. The neutral carries all the current in the circuit, which means it will be several volts above ground due to the finite resistance of the wire.

Grounding is intended to handle only fault currents when a loose wire or damaged insulation causes the voltage to be connected to something that can be contacted by people. Ground and neutral should be connected together only at the building's electrical service entrance.

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Grounding block for electrical wiring 6-12 holes 2 pcs.

  • Source: CN(Origin)
  • Guy: Barrier
  • Number of contact pins: 11 – 20
  • Model number: 123
  • Model Number: MOTWYY301
2 Pieces Distribution Box Rail Terminal Block Flame Retardant Plastic Wire Arc Terminal Block Connector Terminal

Product Description Product name: copper terminal block copper strip specifications: 9 6 * number of holes: conventional 6/8/10/12/14/16 holes plastic color: yellow, blue Conductor material: plastic the brass shell: PA, PE applicable scene: distribution box, lighting cabinet, frequency converter, wire and cable, etc.

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