Robotic lawnmower for 3600m2 2.5-5.5cm width 28cm DEVVIS E1600T

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Robotic lawnmower for 3600m2 2.5-5.5cm width 28cm DEVVIS E1600T

DEVVIS robotic lawnmowers are probably the best price/quality ratio. DEVVIS offers a 2-year warranty and a wide availability of spare parts. Robotic lawnmowers should be chosen based on the lawn area. This is for up to 3600m2. If you have less area, please choose a cheaper one in our e-store. When purchased, you must configure the cable (within a complex) to set the limits of the cutoff field. To charge, the robot moves by itself to the back of the charging station. You can also schedule what days and hours it works. It also has an app for Android and iOS.

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1 review for Cortacésped robot para 3600m2 2.5-5.5cm ancho 28cm DEVVIS E1600T

  1. А****
    No instructions on the Russian, only the English version. 300 m wires are small, you need 600 m, you need at least 200 more pegs. There are no drugs o...More
    No instructions on the Russian, only the English version.
    300 m wires are small, you need 600 m, you need at least 200 more pegs.
    There are no drugs on the mower itself yet.
    Works 20 days, everything is fine.
    In General, I am satisfied with the purchase of such an assistant.
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Robotic lawnmower for 3600m2 2.5-5.5cm width 28cm DEVVIS E1600T

  • Brand Name: DEVVIS
  • Source: CN(Origin)
  • Certification: CE,EMC,Other
  • forward speed: 35M/MIN
  • Cutting width: 28CM
  • Characteristic: Anti-crystalline, Height-adjustable handles, Self-propelled
  • Model number: DEVVIS E1600T for big Garden
  • Certification: EC
  • Power type: Electricity
  • Guy: robotic lawnmowers
  • Model: DEVVIS E1600T
  • Working Capacity: 3600m2
  • One Charging: 1300m2
  • Battery: 13.2ah Lithium
  • Mow time on one charge: 4-5Hours
  • Charging Time: less than 5 hours
  • MowerSize: 60*47*26.5CM(LWH)
  • Charging sation Size: 44*48.2*15CM(LWH)
  • Cutting Blade: 4pcs
  • Cutting Height: 2.5-5.5cm
  • Cutting Width: 28cm
  • Cutting Speed: 35M/min
  • Blade Rotates Speed: 3000rpm
  • Hill Capability: 30 degree Max Slope
  • Noise: less than 60db
  • Rated Power: 85W
  • Gryoscope Navigation: And it is
  • Smartphone WIFI App: Yes(IOS and Android)
  • Function subarea: 6 different area(Max)
  • RangeFunction: 4 different range for choosing
  • Waterproof Charger: And it is
  • Schedule: And it is
  • Self Recharged: And it is
  • Brushless Motor: And it is
  • RainSensor: And it is
  • Intelligent Spiraling: And it is
  • Go Straight: And it is
  • Anti theft: And it is
  • Pressure sensor: And it is
  • Lift Sensor: And it is
  • Tilt Sensor: And it is
  • LCD display: And it is
  • Touch sensor: And it is
  • Emergency Switch: And it is
  • Waterproof: And it is
  • Password-Set-up: And it is
  • European Warehouse: And it is
  • APP Language option: 13 different languages
  • Wire+Pegs+Blade: 300m wire+300pcs pegs+24pcs blade
  • Longest Wire: 600m(Max)
  • Gross Weight: 23kgs
  • Net Weight: 20kgs
  • Certificate: CE&ROHS
  • Warranty: Two Year


Wi-Fi App Demo:Http://

Product description

Two Years Warranty DEVVIS 5th Generation Robot Lawn Mower E1600T for Large Lawn, 3600m2 Working Capacity, Navigation Gyroscope, Smartphone WIFI APP Control with Total 300m Wire + 300 Pieces of Plugs + 24 Pieces





You can start the robotic lawnmower by hand or on time:

Before mowing and after mowing (compare)
Technical information about DEVVIS Robot E1600T:


The newest one!DEVVIS Robot Lawn Mower E1600T with 13.2ah lithium battery for large lawn running capacity is 3600m2
DEVVIS Robot Lawn Mower is our 5th generation robot lawn mower and the latest robot lawn mower was produced last month.

The improvement of DEVVIS E1600T, which is better than other models:

1.) use the gyroscope instead of the compass.
It is not easy interupped by electrical/metal/other signal etc.
Better for running in a straight line, and it is not easy to change direction when running on the slopes.
And increase the cutting efficiency for different areas with lower or higher level.
2.) Add a fuse and a button cell on the main fuse PCB.
To protect the main PCB from short circuit.
Battery button: save all settings if you need to change the battery, to avoid reconfiguring after replacement.
3.) Sub Area Settings
You can select sub-areas to cut by the mower. It works well for large lawns. (Max 6 area)
4.) range functions
There are four range options, the user can choose the distance when the robot touches the virtual wire according to different lawn conditions.
5.) Smartphone WIFI Control, IOS and Andriod System Control easier, more intelligent.
6.) waterproof charger won't break during rain
7.) LCD operation selection of 13 kinds of different languages.
English/French/German/Danish/Swedish/Finnish/Italian/Polish/Norwegian/Spanish/Russian/Dustch/Chinese...we can add more

DEVVIS E1600T other functions:

1 Auto recharge

The robotic lawnmower will recharge when it is in Low Battery.

2 Calendar

Set a week (Monday to Sunday, once a day). Cutting program from the control panel or from your Smartphone)

3. Anti-theft function

The mower has the option of password protection to protect against theft. Also, the mower cannot be started without a charging station.
4 pressure sensor
If the boy stays sitting on the maid, it stops working in 2s.

5 rain sensor

There are two rain sensors located on the mower. The mower will return to the charging station automatically when it is raining.

6 lift sensor

If the mower is lifted off the ground, it will stop working in 1 second if the mower is lifted off the ground, it will stop working in 1 second

7 tilt sensor

When the mower is tilted more than 30 degrees in any direction, it will stop working in 2 seconds


It will be activated when the mower hits a solid and fixed object when the object is at least 6cm in vertical height from the mower support surface, when the bump sensor is activated, the mower will copy to run.
9. Emergency stop switch

There is an emergency button on the top of the slicer and it is red in color

10. Easy to adjust cutting height (2.5-5.5 cm)

Cutting height explanation: take the level of 3cm, for example:


11 overload protect

The brushless cutting motor and each of the two running motors are continuously monitored during operation, as any situation can cause these motors to overload if detected.

12. Waterproof design

There is an inner cover under the top cover that protects the inner parts from moisture. The waterproof class is IP54
13 LCD screen

14 virtual wire

The longest can be 600m

15Two cutting modes (work path)

There are two cutting modes, one is to go straight, and the other is to go circel (high efficiency).
In Auto, the mower selects the mowing mode intelligently
It goes straight if the grass is dense or long.
In Manual mode, the mower will go where you direct it.
DEVVIS Robot Lan Lawn Mower E1600T Information:
Model: E1600T
HS code: 8433190000
Work capacity: 3600m2 (-20% recommended)
One loaded: 1300m2 (-20% recommended)
Battery type: 13.2Ah lithium (2×6.6ah lithium battery)
Cut-off time on one charge: Up to 4-5 hours
Charging time: less than 5 hours
Charging method: automatic recharge
Maximum allowable slope: 30 degrees
Slicer Size: 60*47*26.5cm(LWH)
Loading size: 44*48.2*15cm(LWH)
Virtual cable maximum length: 600m/0.5mm
Cutting system:
Cutting motor type: brushless
Cutting motor power: 85W
Cutting blade: 4 pieces
Cutting blade speed: 3000rpm
Cutting width: 28cm
Cutting height: 2.5-5.5cm
Cutting speed: 35m/min
Navigation system:
Gyroscope: Yes
Sub area function: 6 areas
Cutting hours: Yes
Perimeter Wire Cut Mode: Yes
Spiral Cut Mode: Yes
Straight cut mode: Yes
Function Range: Yes
Communication and interface:
Connection: WIFI (independent)
LCD screen: yes
The Control application 🙁 free IOS and Android)
Security Feature:
Anti Theift: Yes
Password setting: Yes
Sensor Bumper: Yes
Lift Sensor: Yes
From Sensor: Yes
Pressure Sensor: Yes
Emergency stop: Yes
Waterproof: IP54
Rain sensor: Yes

Certificate: CE & ROHS

packing and shipping

1 unit packed in a carton
Carton size: 88*55*33cm(L*W*H)
Gross/net weight: 23/20Kg
20ft/40ft/40HQ: 168pcs/342pcs/399pcs

What is the packing box?

1 DEVVIS E1600T Robot Lawn Mower

1sation pc

300m Virtual Wire

300 pieces pegs

24pcs Blades

20 Pieces Virtual Wire Connectors

1 unit of waterproof charger

4 pieces in

1pcinner hex wrench

1pc English Manual




Warranty and:

  • All of our products (unless otherwise stated) are assured to be brand new and carry at least a two year warranty.
  • During the warranty time, if any problem occurs due to quality reason, please be cooperative to take photos or video about the problem and send to us for checking by email.
  • For the confirmed defective product on your approval, we can send you free spare parts for replacement.

Robot lawn mower for 3600m2
Robot lawn mower for 3600m2
Robot lawn mower for 3600m2
Robot lawn mower for 3600m2
Robot lawn mower for 3600m2
Robot lawn mower for 3600m2
Robot lawn mower for 3600m2
Robot lawn mower for 3600m2
Robot lawn mower for 3600m2
Robot lawn mower for 3600m2
Robot lawn mower for 3600m2
Robot lawn mower for 3600m2
Robot lawn mower for 3600m2

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