Power meter socket 220V A, W, kWh, €, V, Hz, H:m


Power meter socket 220V A, W, kWh, €, V, Hz, H:m

Good idea for a gift.

It shows electricity consumption and technical parameters for devices connected to a socket. How much does it cost to wash a load of laundry in a washing machine? What amperage does an old refrigerator really draw? What is the actual voltage on the network that the light bulbs burn out so often? Set the price of electricity KWh and the electricity meter will show you:

  1. kilowatt-hours consumed
  2. expenses on electrycity
  3. amps
  4. watts during minimum and maximum consumption
  5. total consumption time
  6. tension (Volts) in the network
  7. hertzes

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Power meter socket 220V A, W, kWh, €, V, Hz, H:m

  • Brand Name: SINOTIMER
  • Craft supplies: ELECTRICAL
  • Source: CN(Origin)
  • Dimensions: 160*72*41mm
  • Work temperature: -10 to 50’C
  • Accuracy class: +/- 2%
  • Measurable current range: 0.0A-16.0A
  • Measurable voltage range: 0V-9999V
  • Model number: DDS108-EU
  • Certification: EC
  • Measuring Energy Range: 0.0~9999KWh
  • Rated Voltage: 230V 50Hz
  • Phase: single phase
  • Display Time Range: 0 seconds ~ 9999 days
  • Display Frequency Range: 0Hz-9999Hz
  • Display Wattage Range: 0.5W~9999W
  • Electricity Price Setting Range: 0.0~99.99 COST/KWh
  • Accumulated Electricity Fees Range: 0.0~9999
  • Max. Operating Current: 16A

EU Plug Digital Voltage Meter Power Consumption Watt KWh Energy Meter AC 230V 220V Electricity Analyzer Monitor

The power meter is a monitoring and testing instrument that determines the power consumption of a connected appliance and the cost of electricity consumed.
Características – enchufe medidor de consumo:
Large LCD screen for easy reading.
Measures voltage, frequency, current, Power Factor, wattage, minimum and maximum power, and records cumulative kilowatt-hour, time, date, and electricity charges.
Siete modos de visualización, transferidos pulsando el botón «FUNCTION».
Overload warning displayed on LCD screen.
Reset for abnormal display or no button response.
Built-in 3.6V (NI-MH) rechargeable battery to store electricity and save settings.
Easy configuration of the price of electricity.
Easy to control your electricity bill: electricity price setting by pressing OK, VALUE, DISPLAY and SET button
BUILT-IN BATTERY Backup – 2x V rechargeable batteries allow meter to be moved and still visible without losing readings.
Measure various parameters + overload protection function: Power (W), Energy (kWh), Volts, Amps, Hertz, Power Factor and Peak Power (W), Time, Days (your electricity bills are vitally based on kWh)
Large, clear LCD display for easy reading
Especificaciones – enchufe medidor de consumo:
Operating voltage:230V 50Hz for European plug
Operating current: max. 16A
Amplio rango de voltaje: 230V – 250V para enchufe de la UE
Rango de visualización de tiempo: 0 segundos —- 9999 días
Pantalla de potencia (vatios): 0w—3680w
Rango de visualización de voltaje: 0v—9999v
Pantalla de corriente (amperios): 0,0 —- 16.0A
Visualización de frecuencia: 0Hz —- 9999Hz
Rango mínimo de potencia de visualización: 0,0 W —- 3680W
Rango máximo de potencia de visualización: 0,0 W —- 3680W
Rango de visualización de precios: ¿KWH—-99.99?KWH 0,00?
Kilovatios-hora Total y visualización del costo: 0.000KWH —- 9999KWH
Craft Supplies: Electric
Tamaño del producto: 15,5×7,3×7,5 cm/6,1×2,9×3 pulgadas
Package size: 16*8*8.5cm/6.3*3.1*3.3in
Plug: European plug
Color: white
El paquete incluirá – enchufe medidor de consumo:
1 pcs of DDS108 plug-in power meter (EU plug)
1 pcs English instruction manual
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Power meter socket 220V A, W, kWh, €, V, Hz, H:m


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