RCBO 10A-63A residual current circuit breaker MCB RCCB RCD type A / AC DPNL

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RCBO 10A-63A residual current circuit breaker MCB RCCB RCD type A / AC DPNL

A Residual Current Operated Circuit Breaker (RCBO) is a critical safety measure when protecting electrical circuits. The RCBO is a current sensing component that can automatically disconnect and measure the circuit whenever the current exceeds the rated sensitivity, or a fault happens in a connected circuit.

RCBO 10A-63A is purposed to protect one from the risk of electrical shocks, firesand electrocution. It can also assist in sudden earth faults. The installation of an RCBO ensures that a circuit trips immediately and protects you from electric shock. After knowing the RCBO meaning, you can continue to read this article to uncover more regarding the principles and advantages.

Type AC

They are commonly installed in homes and meant to be used for alternating sinusoidal residual current to offer inductive, capacitive, or resistive equipment. These RCBOs operate instantaneously to detect imbalance and do not have a time delay.

Type A

Are used for residual pulsating DC of up to 6mA and alternating sinusoidal residual current.

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RCBO 10A-63A residual current circuit breaker MCB RCCB RCD type A / AC DPNL

  • Brand Name: SUMRET
  • Guy: Mini
  • Source: CN(Origin)
  • Can be customized: Yes
  • Model number: TXDB1L
  • smart device: no
  • Certification: EC
  • voltage: AC230V /AC110V
  • Leakage type: AC TYPE / A TYPE
  • Leakage action current: 30ma
  • Leakage non-operation current: 15ma
  • use: Civil low-voltage power distribution systems such as home, school, office, etc.

Parámetros técnicos – RCBO 10A-63A

■ Corriente nominal: 10,16,20,25,32,40,50,63A
■ Tensión nominal de funcionamiento: 230 / 110 AC
■ Tensión nominal de aislamiento: 500V
■ Corriente residual nominal: 30mA
■ Capacidad de rotura: 4,5ka
Indicador de disparo: el disyuntor de fuga eléctrico TXDB1L tiene una ventana indicadora de disparo operada por corriente residual, cuando sale un fallo de fuga, la ventana cambia de incolora a roja.
■ Vida mecánica: 8000 veces
■ Vida eléctrica: 2000 veces
■ Cableado: 6 ~ 80A, se puede conectar a cables de 25mm ⊃ 2; Y menos.
■ Estándar: IEC61009-1 / GB16917.1
■ Certificación: CCC, CB,CE
Características de disparo: curva tipo C, protección de cables de carga y distribución convencionales, rango de disparo instantáneo (5 ~ 10) In.


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