Lawnmower robots for 800m2 with wifi width 18cm DEVVIS H750T 2nd warranty


Lawnmower robots for 800m2 with wifi width 18cm DEVVIS H750T 2nd warranty

Devvis has a 2-year warranty policy, replacement parts are available to order, and they are happy to answer any questions about their products and shipping.

Devvis H750T is a waterproof robotic lawnmower designed for lawns up to 800 m2. The cutting width is 18 cm and the cutting height is manually adjustable from 2.5 cm to 5.5 cm. H750T and charger are waterproof with an IP54 rating.

You might think that a robotic lawnmower is just a robotic vacuum with some grass cutting blades attached, but that's not exactly the case. You can't just drop a robotic lawnmower on a fresh lawn and expect it to work autonomously like its indoor cousins.

There is no lidar navigation or obstacle recognition on most robotic mowers, instead it uses a 0.5mm3 physical green wire which, once electrically charged from the charging station, will create a virtual fence around the mowing area a through an electrical signal.

The robotic lawnmower uses a gyroscope and the aforementioned electrical signal sensor to stay within the perimeter.

The H750T robotic lawnmower is also equipped with other sensors to aid navigation and ensure safe operation: shock, lift, tilt, touch and rain sensor.

The rain sensor is essential for the mower to return to the charging station when it starts to rain to avoid working on wet grass and soil and clogging the blades and wheels.

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Lawnmower robots for 800m2 with wifi width 18cm DEVVIS H750T 2nd warranty

  • Brand Name: DEVVIS
  • Source: CN(Origin)
  • Model number: H750T
  • Certification: EC
  • Certification: EC
  • smart device: AND IT IS
  • Working Capacity: 800㎡±20%
  • One time Charge: 400㎡±20%
  • Battery: 4.4Ah Lithium
  • MowerSize: 48*36*21.5CM(LWH)
  • Charging station: 44*48.2*15cm(LWH)
  • Working Time: 90-120minutes
  • Charging Time: Less than 3hours
  • Cutting Height: 2.5-5.5cm
  • Cutting Width: 18 cm
  • Cutting Speed: 35M/min
  • Blade Rotate Speed: 3200rpm
  • Hill Capacity: 20 degree Max Slope
  • Rate Power: 75W
  • Noise: Less than 60db
  • Bottom Cutting Blade: 3pcs
  • Wire: 200m
  • Pegs: 200pcs
  • Blade: 15pcs
  • Gryoscope Navigation: And it is
  • Function subarea: And it is
  • RangeFunction: And it is
  • Smartphone WIFI APP: And it is
  • Waterproof Charger: And it is
  • language Option: And it is
  • Self Recharged: And it is
  • Schedule: And it is
  • Anti theft: And it is
  • RainSensor: And it is
  • Water Proof: And it is
  • Password SetUp: And it is
  • Lift Sensor: And it is
  • bump sensor: And it is
  • TitleSensor: And it is
  • Touch sensor: And it is
  • Intelligent Spiraling: And it is
  • Go Straight: And it is
  • Cutting Height Adjustment: And it is
  • Emergency Switch: And it is
  • Gross Weight: 15
  • Net Weight: 12
  • Certificate: CE and ROSH
  • Warranty: Two Year
Customer physical test on youtube, you can refer to the following video, it may help you.
Evaluation of DEVVIS H750T after two months:
DEVVIS Robotic Lawnmower H750T VS DEVVIS E1800T Comparison:
Product description

Two Year Warranty - 2022 Upgraded 7th Generation DEVVIS Robotic Lawn Mower H750T for Small Grass Upgraded with 4.4Ah Lithium Battery, Wifi, Schedule, Gyroscope with Total 200m Wire + 200pcs Pins + 15pcs Blade



Before the cut and after the cut (Compare)
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Technical information about the DEVVIS H750T Robot:
The newest one!DEVVIS 7th generation H750T robot lawn mower with 4.4ah lithium battery for small lawns, the working capacity is 800m2.

DEVVIS H750T Robot Lawn Mower Upgrade

1.)Use the gyroscope instead of the compass.
Not easy to be interleaved by electrical/metal/other signal etc.
It is better for running straight, and it is not easy to change the direction when running on the slopes.
And increase cutting efficiency for different areas with lower or higher level.
2.) Add a fuse and button battery on the main fuse PCB.
To protect the main PCB from short circuit.
Button Battery: Save all settings if you need to change the battery, to avoid readjustment after replacement.
3.) Sub Area Settings
You can select sub-areas for the mower to mow. This works well for large lawns. (Max Area 6)
4.) range of functions
There are four range options, user can choose the distance when the robot hits the virtual wire according to the condition of different lawns.
5.) WIFI Control for Smartphone, IOS and Android System Control Easier, Smarter.
6.) waterproof charger will not break during rain
7.)13 kinds of different language selection.
English/French/German/Danish/Swedish/Finnish/Italian/Polish/Norwegian/Spanish/Russian/Dustch/Chinese..we can add more.

DEVVIS Robotic Lawn Mower H750T other functions:

1 Auto recharge
The robotic lawnmower will recharge when the battery is low.

2 Calendar

Configure a week (from Monday to Sunday, once for each day) cutting the schedule of your Smartphone.

3. Anti-theft function

The mower has a password protection option to protect it from theft. Also, the mower cannot be started without charging.
4 rain sensor

There are two rain sensors located on the mower, the mower will automatically return to charging when it rains.

5 touch sensor

Touch the handle when the mower is cutting, it will stop working.
6 lift sensor

If the mower is lifted off the ground it will stop working in 1 second if the mower is lifted off the ground it will stop working in 1 second

7 tilt sensor

When the mower is tiles over 30 degrees in any direction, it will stop working in 2 seconds


It will activate when the mower hits a solid, fixed object when that object is at least 6cm vertical height from the mower's supporting surface, when the shock sensor is activated. The mower will support its operation.

9. Emergency stop switch

There is an emergency button on the top of the mower and in red color

10. Adjustable cutting height (2.5-5.5 cm)

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11 overload protect

The cutting motor and the running motor are continuously monitored during operation as any situation can cause these motors to overload the load in case this is detected the cutters stop running.
12 waterproof design
There is an inner cover under the top cover that protects the inner parts from moisture. Waterproof class is IP54

13 Virtual Wire

The longest can be 200m

14. Two cutting modes (work path)

There are two cutting modes of the mower, go direct and go circel (high efficiency).
In Auto, the mower intelligently selects the mowing mode.
It goes straight if the grass is sparse or has been cut.
Circle if the grass is dense or long.
In Manual mode, the mower will go where you direct it.
Three Steps to safely start the mower:
1. Please connect the load with power supply by charger and make sure the recharging light is green.
2. Connect the virtual cable to the load and make sure it is in good connection (the virtual cable light is colorless).
3. Press the emergency button and start the automatic mode.
DEVVIS Robot Lan Mower H750T Information:
Model: H750T
HS code: 8433190000
Working capacity: 800 ㎡ ± 20% (recommended)
A load: 400 ㎡ ± 20% (recommended)
Battery type: lithium 4.4Ah
Run time per charge: 2 hours
Charging time: less than 3 hours
Charging method: automatic recharge
Maximum allowable slope: 20 degrees
Mower Size: 48*36*21.5cm(LWH)
Cargo size: 44*48.2*15cm(LWH)
Virtual Wire Max Length: 200m/0.5mm
Noise: ≤60dB
Cutting system:
Cutting motor type: brush
Cutting motor power: 75W
Cutting blade: 3 pieces
Blade cutting speed: 3200rpm
Cutting width: 18cm
Cutting height: 2.5-5.5cm
Cutting speed: 35m/min
Navigation system:
Gyroscope: Yes
Sub area function: 6 areas
Cutting hours: Yes
Perimeter Wire Cutting Mode: Yes
Spiral Cut Mode: Yes
Straight cut mode: Yes
Function Range: Yes
Communication and interface:
Connection: WIFI (independent)
LCD screen:
App Control:(Free IOS and Android)
Security Feature:
Anti Theift: Yes
Rain sensor: Yes
Password setting: Yes
Sensor Bumper: Yes
Lift Sensor: Yes
From Sensor: Yes
Touch Sensor: Yes
Emergency stop: Yes
Waterproof: IP54

Certificate: CE & ROHS

packing and shipping

1 unit packed in a carton
Carton size: 67.2 x 50 x 29cm (L x W x H)
Gross/net weight: 15/12kg
40FT/40HQ :584 pieces/657 pieces

What is the packing box?

1 pc. DEVVIS Robotic Lawnmower H750T

1pc of Sation

200m Virtual Wire

200 pieces pegs

15 sheet pieces

10 pieces of wire connector

1 waterproof charger

4 pieces in

1 cutting height adjustment key

1pc english manual


Some Real Picture of H750T Robotic Lawn Mower:

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Warranty and:

  • All of our products (unless otherwise specified) are brand new and shipped with at least a two-year warranty on major parts.
  • During the warranty time, if any problem happens due to quality reasons, please be cooperative to take photos or videos about the problem and send us for checking by email.
  • For confirmed defective products with your approval, we can send you free spare parts for replacement.

Robotic mowers for 800m2
Robotic mowers for 800m2
Robotic mowers for 800m2
Robotic mowers for 800m2
Robotic mowers for 800m2
Robotic mowers for 800m2
Robotic mowers for 800m2
Robotic mowers for 800m2
Robotic mowers for 800m2
Robotic mowers for 800m2
Robotic mowers for 800m2
Robotic mowers for 800m2
Robotic mowers for 800m2
Robotic mowers for 800m2


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