Portàtil tàctil convertible 13.3» 360° SSD 8GB/256GB BMAX Y13


Portàtil tàctil convertible 13.3» 360° SSD 8GB/256GB BMAX Y13

  • Tocable convertible de 360 graus
  • Ultrafí 14,7 mm
  • Pes Aproximadament 1.2KG
  • Intel 4120 i 13,3 polzades
  • SSD de 8 GB + 256 GB

Conegui l'espectacularment mòbil BMAX MaxBook Y13: una portàtil empresarial tipus motxilla de 13,3 polzades amb una pantalla tàctil FullHD, els bisells laterals s'han reduït a només 5 mm, de manera que la relació pantalla-cos del 81,7 % no bloqueja la imatge. El BMAX MaxBook Y13 té un gruix de només 14,7 mm i pesa només 1,2 kg. El nou acabat està fabricat a màquina a partir d'un sol bloc d'alumini per a més estil i durabilitat perquè pugui treballar sobre la marxa sense preocupacions.



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Portàtil tàctil convertible 13.3» 360° SSD 8GB/256GB BMAX Y13

  • Nom de la marca: BMAX
  • Capacitat de memòria de vídeo: 8 GB
  • Grandària de pantalla: 13,3 pulgadas
  • Dimensions (an. x al. x pr.): 307.5mm*208mm*14.7mm
  • Model de targeta gràfica: Intel UHD 600
  • Taxa de refresc de la pantalla: 60Hz
  • Pes (incloent-hi la bateria): <1,5Kg
  • Marca/Model de la CPU: Intel Celeron N4120
  • Port: 1 x USB 3.1 tipo C
  • Relació de la pantalla: 16:9
  • Tipus de Panell: IPS
  • Grossor: <15mm
  • Tipus: Ordenador portátil 2 en 1
  • Tipus d'unitat òptica: Cap
  • Certificació: CE
  • Origen: CN(Origen)
  • Resolució de la pantalla: 1920×1080
  • Capacitat del disc dur: 256 GB
  • Paquet: 
7d1517f20fcd71eec2864013f3d40d49Product highlights:

· Intel 4120 & 13.3 inch

· 8GB + 256GB SSD

· 360-degree Convertible

· Ultra-thin 14.7mm

· Weight Approximately 1.2KG

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Beautiful, with light aluminum body Vivid, plus ultra-narrow bezel

Meet the spectacularly mobile BMAX MaxBook Y13-a 13.3-inch business laptop with a FullHD touchscreen display, the side bezels have been reduced to just 5mm so thescreen-to-body ratio of 81.7% bears no image blocking. The BMAX MaxBook Y13 is only14.7mm thin, and it weighs only 1.2kg. The new finish is machine crafted from a single blockof aluminum for added style and durability, so you can work on the go without worry.


Easy to carry and always stand by you


6 usage modes,360-degree convertible


360-Degree Convertible Complete Flexibility & Usability

Improve working outcomes, save time, with the powerful, flexible BMAXMaxBook Y13. It converts easily from a laptop to a tablet to astand to atent and moves seamlessly between the office and home.


Powered by 8th Gen Intel Gemini Lake processor, the BMAX Y13 packs a big punch.


Intel 9th Gen UHD Graphics 600Towards a new era of vision


High capacity of 8GB LPDDR4 memory means you are ready at any time.The 256GB SSD means you have ample storage for all your favorite photos, music and videos.


BMAX MaxBook 13 enable all day productivity with outstanding performance in a beautiful design you will be proud to carry.

Work, productivity, meet versatility


New Generation Speed

Ready to go in a flash. The BMAX MaxBook Y13 boots and resumes in 8 seconds,thanks to solid-state drive and 8GB memory. Fast booting and multitasking letyou capture every inspiration.


New Generation EntertainmentNow, nothing holds you back.

Not only alaptop for work, but also a laptop for more things.When sleepy in the afternoon, you can play games or watchvideos to chill out.

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Long-lasting Battery Fast Charge

You’ll experience long battery life whenyou are on the go, up to 8 hourswhen using productivity applications or entertaining youself. Based on results from BMAX laboratories tests. Battery life varies significantly with settings,usage, and other factors. All data in the foregoing pages are provided for reference only.

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Smooth interaction with more precisionImpressive visuals with more details

The 10-point touch feature delivers a more natural and responsive experience,so you can tap, swipe, slide and pinch in a snap.

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Lighting the way

You can work or play anytime with backlit keys thatare bright enough to let you type in the dark.

2-Level Backlight Adjustable

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Faster Speed, Better CoverageDual Band Wi-Fi- 2.4GHz/5GHz

Delivers up to 433Mbps Wi-Fi speed IEEE WLAN Standard: IEEE 802.11a/b/g/n/ac


The BMAX MaxBook Y13 has other extraordinary features, including Bluetooth 5.0, SSD Expansion Slot and Magic Sound System.


Make the most of every minute



Portátil táctil convertible 13.3
Portátil táctil convertible 13.3
Portátil táctil convertible 13.3
Portátil táctil convertible 13.3
Portátil táctil convertible 13.3

Pes 1,2 kg
Dimensions 30,75 × 20,8 × 1,47 cm
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